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September 14, 2006

Hey, interior decorator, it's a home not a house (Dave puts his thumb to his nose and waves his fingers)

dave_trish_frankieWe're diligently trying to get our house ready to sell. Every time Frankie sleeps, we jump to action. It's exhausting. We even consulted an interior designer. She told us to make sure our home looks like no one lives in it. No personal pictures. No odors. No blemishes of any kind. Sterile.

Real easy with a 3-year old.

Our realtor, however, told us the whole "pictures of people" in a house thing is controversial. Some like to envision their own family in the house and the pictures can be distracting while others (like myself) like to see some signs of life. We're going middle of the road and placing two photos of people in the house. One of my father when he was a boy and the other of us in 2002 in the South of France at a friend's wedding (Frankie was only about 6 weeks old at the time).

We hope this doesn't jeopardize the sale.

First half of the move today. Frankie goes to daycare and the movers come in. Wish us luck.

(Note: I lost the original image of us and had to photograph our framed copy, this is the result. I think it looks kind of cool.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling!! I know how hard it is... You guys must be so tired. When we bought this house, they had a 3 year old and she was pregnant. The house was beautiful. I don't know how she did it. They didn't have many pictures up either.
Personally, I like to see other families in the house I'm looking at. I like to see how happy the families are there. But I know that other people are different.

Anonymous said...

This particular pursuit has been agonizing. I think I'm bringing an inspector with me the next time I simply look at a house. Would've saved me about a thousand by now. And, we're not even into selling ours.

Ugh. Thanks for the luck, we'll so need it.