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September 7, 2006

If we only had to prep the house for a 3 year old.

On Thursday evenings, Frankie and I do the town. Or, at least, High Street. We go out to eat, to Big Park (Whetstone), the library and finally Denise's Ice Cream. We used to start things off by going to Wendy's. Lately, we've tried new dining venues. She likes Pig Iron Barbecue because they have a bees' wasps' nest hanging from the ceiling and Villa Nova (a very mediocre restaurant) for pizza because it's dimly lit and has colored lights hanging from the ceiling.

It would be soooo much easier to get our house ready for her to buy than any adult, according to an interior designer.

We had our consult last night to get some tips on how to prep the house for marketing. It seems she liked every room - as long as we promised to make it empty and devoid of animal life. Plants are fine. No pictures of humans or animals should be on the walls, half our furniture needs to be removed, we have more painting to do (not the kind Frankie has in mind), we need to mulch outside, rake rocks (your guess is as good as mine), etcetera (and that's a biggie in this case).

If a prospective buyer were to be more like Frankie, all the furniture would be gathered in a circle in the middle of the room and sheets would cover it all to make a fort. Then, we'd string christmas lights all over the bookshelves and finger paint the walls. That would catch a handsome price indeed.

Unfortunately, we have to make things sterile and it will not be fun. Lists will be made.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the blackboard paint on the lower 4' of all interior walls.

Anonymous said...

PS. The wasps' nest is not a replica. It's the real thing.