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September 5, 2006

Think she'll forgive us?

The countdown begins.

In 8 days our realtor is going to show our home to other realtors and eventually attempt to sell it at a bad time of year in a slumping real estate market. Trish and I and Frankie (kind of) are bustling about trying to reverse entropy. It's tough. Our house is small but I believe one of the prettiest in Columbus. When it sells, I'll show you a picture. I'm optimistic.

The toys ... oy. I just reduced the population of stuffed bunnies lying about her room by about 2/3 and there's still more bunnies than you can imagine (are they reproducing or something?). I'm also swiping toys out from under her when she's not looking. I feel terrible about this but it's necessary to get an edge. I just hope she doesn't notice. Tonight should be telling.

We're even having a Columbus-based interior decorator over tomorrow night for a consultation on how to make the place look better for our prospective buyers. This should be a rough exercise. If it helps, it'll be worth it.

Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, love the short snippets.

Dave said...

Thanks for visiting jane.