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September 3, 2006

Selling a House (with a 3-year old)

Is it possible to live in a house that you're trying to sell with a 3-year old tromping around like she owns the earth?

We'll see.

Our house looks beautiful these days. Neater than it's ever been - but, it's absolutely exhausting. Trying to clean up after Frankie whenever we leave is just unnatural. It's not on the market yet, we're just practicing.

Our goal is to find a house with a bathroom, bedroom(s) and laundry on ONE floor. We believe there are approximately two in Franklin County and are taking a look at one for the second time today. It's close to the mainstream stuff on High yet on the edge of a ravine and looks, from the back of the house, like you're in the middle of a forest. Pretty cool. Even has a deck that was featured a few years back in Columbus Monthly. Small yard but plenty of space for bbq. We'll be probing a bit more closely today and deciding if this is "the one".

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