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November 6, 2006

Google bomb me. I want my legacy to be slime.

Visitor logs are funny and sometimes addictive. I try not to be bothered by them. They are a totally unnecessary distraction.

But, I can't help notice how many people visit here via Google by typing in slime recipe (no quotes). In the search results, currently on page 3, you'll find this post. It's really wicked awesome slime. I make it for myself once in a while so I can have a goofy office toy to play with. It has a consistency between slime and silly putty, doesn't smell and lasts for weeks.

So, go ahead and Google bomb me and make me famous for slime. Search the expression, hunt for my post in the first 3 pages and click.

I'll be famous.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL! I get a zillion hits a month for "Kirk Screaming Khan". For a long while it was the # hit until Wikipedia bumped it.

Discovering who's been frequenting your blog and how they got there is addictive. :D