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November 7, 2006

How do I make the middle finger sign in words?

Go polling somewhere else.

It never fails. We live close to OSU and undoubtedly, when elections near, some bright-eyed youngster with a clipboard rings the doorbell, sends the dog into a panic attack; she barks, the kids shreeks, we stop eating dinner and visit the door (and usually I happen to bring along my 12" chef's knife) and tell them with no discussion whatsover, "Sorry, no thanks." and shut the door before they peep a word.

The family disruption notwithstanding, I think my aversion to these useless polls has to do with being pushed. If anyone tells me persistently to do something, I resist. No matter the cause. Apparently, I have authority issues or something.

If you don't know to vote because it's important, someone pestering you isn't going to make a difference.

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