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November 10, 2006

A spontaneous dog, a sick child, a house showing, dinner to prepare, and two hours of work (like professional work) to do.

That's my day. Wish me luck.

The dog hasn't pooped yet pooped in the basement, Frankie had a really rough night of coughing and our house is on display at 11:00 this morning for potential buyers. This should be an interesting day.

Noon. No-show, so it seems. I start chopping onions and get out all my spices for dinner and get busy. Within minutes, Frankie is naked and engrossed in the Sponge Bob marathon and then, the realtor and potential buyers show up. Awesome.

I tidy up and get Frankie dressed in a record minute and a half and we're on the street for an hour. Oy. It's been a day.

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