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November 25, 2006

Interesting Search

If you Google holiday shopping violence there's some interesting reading about the crazed rabid shoppers. I hate to be so dark, but any injuries incurred trying to obtain a stupid piece of shit game are deserved. Christmas needs to be altered to be more like Thanksgiving; about the food, not the gifts. So, here are the new rules:

a. gifts only given to kids younger than 10 or so (age negotiable)
b. gifts to adults should consist of a meal, a special food or time spent with a loved one

Black Friday indeed.


Lisa the Waitress said...

I couldn't agree more. The amount of time and money I put into stressful holiday shopping for grown adults can make me a little crazy. Husband this year was like "can't we just have them over for dinner 4 times throughout the year and they'd be happy with that?" I don't think some people see it the way we do, unfortunately, so it's either a really uncomfortable conversaion where you tell everyone how materialistic they are, or you just do things their way, I guess.
But! I love to buy toys for my niece & nephews (ages 3-13) because browsing toy stores is fun. Well, it might be more fun for me, being kidless, than it is for you, because I don't get a chance to very often.
If you hate shopping, I've heard the Macy's in City Center is full of bargains and completely void of people. Sounds like my kind of shopping.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

Your husband's idea sounds awesome. I'd do it and not say a word about why. Give them coupons for dinner.

Shopping for my kid is easy and fun. We've kept her from tv, for the most part, for the first years of her life and now she's quite easily amused. The best toy she ever had was a $1 tea plastic tea party set. She does love computer games, but there's so many freebies online for her we don't have to buy any of the heavy electronics yet.

Thanks for the City Center tip, we like it there!