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November 17, 2006

My latest attempt to survive selling a home with my child in tow

Just picked this up at the library last night on our night out. While reading it, Frankie was playing on the computer and Mom was reading by her side. I actually dozed off for a few minutes. Unfortunately, my catnap was ended abruptly by the sound of the library security guy tapping on my chair for me to wake up. Do I really look homeless?

Other link I live by to try to communicate with Frankie better:
My parenting idol, Dr. Sears.

Section that caught my eye:
Sixty five percent of our interactions with toddlers involve conflict, with an argument erupting every six to eight minutes. Four-year-olds take the cake, with seventeen [!!] conflicts per hour.
And , he cites a reference for that stat.

After this morning's struggle, I better get reading.

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