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January 7, 2007

A little lost ...

This site started about 3 1/2 years ago with the sole purpose of posting Frankie's pics for the family to see. It's accomplished that well and will continue until Frankie's old enough to tell me to stop.

Then I thought posting my food experiments would be fun and the weber_cam was born. That's a fun, albeit occasional effort, and will continue to live on (my coffee roasting attempts have become quite successful lately). But, the main Dave's Beer site was started because I like to go on an occasional rant or to disclose soemething neat I found on the web. My most dedicated reader however, my father, recently died. I gleaned from our phone conversations, he read every syllable I wrote. It was only an audience of one but hardly insignificant.

So now what do I do? My audience is gone and I'm hurt. It's not that I don't have silly daily parenting stories to pen or neat things on the web to disclose, I just feel like I'm writing ... to no one. And, I hurt. I guess I'll just keep thinking about this space and get back to scribbling some things in days to come. I just need some time.

Thanks for checking in Wiseman.


tallasiandude said...

Hey Dave,

I'm still checking in, fwiw. And I was sorry to hear about your loss.

I totally understand the feeling of writing to nobody, sometimes the act of writing (especially the rants) have value in and of themselves.

But I suspect you already know this. And I recognize that it's more about the specifics of your audience.

Hey, nothing wrong with turning the site back into a private gallery with affiliated food blog. (Our gallery -- which has no direct links in the blogosphere -- has a few public albums but mostly they require user login)

Anonymous said...

FYI, I'm still here and reading. I suspect you have a very loyal, albeit quiet, audience. I am very sorry to read about your loss, but do hope that you will continue posting when the spirit moves you.

Dave said...

Thanks all. I'll do my best to keep you entertained. I'm slowly feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Dude... what're ya talking about? You're on my regular blog roll. :)

Write what works for you. After all, that's how we met! You found me through Baltimore Technorati. I'm glad we met and I'd be disappointed if I weren't able to read snippets about your life.



Anonymous said...

Dave, even though I am not a dirert part of your life. I still from time to time come back to see what great ideas you have posted and to see Frankie growing up into such a beautiful girl! Hope all is well and 2007 brings you peace and happiness!


Bonk at Home said...

Yes, Dave. I'm still lurking here too. I'm glad that you're still here too. Just remember, when God closes a door he opens a mortgage.

Dave said...

Thanks Roxanne and Bonk,

I think we've done our last closing/refi for the rest of our life. I hope to never see anoher loan officer or title agent for years. I hate them all. Yes, I'm angry and I'd gladly beat our loan officer if I could find him.

Oh well, on to better things.

Dave said...

And thanks to you too Jon. I visit quite a bit; you're writing's great. Thanks for the encouragement.