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March 14, 2007

... 4 (!) years old

We're trying to concoct some kind of birthday party for Frankie's daycare buddies, the infamous Bunnies. We'll also have a gathering for her cohort around the neighborhood, but that'll be easier. I'm afraid we've fallen into the little kid party scene and are scheming to give her a fun and hopefully simple party.

My suggestion was to put lots of SpongeBob stickers on rakes and have them help out cleaning around the house, but it didn't fly with the Mrs. So, we're watching the weather for the 24th and considering a bubble party!. And, the kids can wear their favorite costume of course. Costumes, to these guys, apparently, are as common as street clothes are to us. Should be interesting. Add ideas in the comments if you have any.

... and this should help.

1 comment:

Dane said...

I am amused by your suggestion. I think the rakes and stickers is a fine idea.