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March 12, 2007

Hah, I beat the Office Depot guy

We have a strange shaped house and equally odd construction (but it really is lovely). Needless to say, our wireless network had problems. LOTS of dead spots. I'm only using a measly 802.11b Belkin wireless router and I have no idea what the 802.11b means. After scanning the internet for options on dead zones in a wireless network, I was so confused I went for my last resort - a salesman.

A guy in Office Depot, after advising me "you can't believe everything you read on the internet" (obviously, everything a salesperson tells you is a fucking nugget of wisdom though) selected a nifty (get ready) "pre-n super mimo 802.11n wireless router" because he was shocked I could receive any signal using a 802.11b. And all the stuff for a mere $250. He was a genius! I always believed IT guys at the top of their game went to Google, but I was wrong; they actually go to Office Depot to work.

I didn't buy it. I told him I would do more reading on the interweb. I came home, read more, went to Micro Center and spoke to a great guy who actually explained all the cool terms and merely suggested a new router to try. If it didn't work, return it, he said. I tried, it didn't work, I returned it and was back to the drawing board.

Well, wouldn't you know, I placed our archaic 802.11b router (3 years old) in a more central location and for the cost of some cat5 cable was able to blanket the entire house with a pretty strong signal!

Maybe I should work for Google?

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