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April 11, 2007

Homemade Foaming Handsoap - Part III

Homemade Foaming Handsoap

This is the reporting method of choice when a scientist asks a question, makes a hypothesis, tests the hypothesis and finds it to be a failure.

My recipe and preparation were disclosed in Part II of this gripping saga. I diluted the soap solids to ca. 5% by weight and poured it into one of those air-filling dispensers and the image above shows a couple squirts from each. The top soap is mine with a wimpy foam and the bottom is the generic equivalent of Dial foaming handsoap from Target. Target's is much better. I shouldn't have diluted it so much. It's too much trouble to concentrate. Next attempt I'll dilute the mixture to 10% solids by weight and see how that looks. And, just for kicks, I'll dilute the current attempt just in case I'm wrong in the opposite direction.

Stay tuned ...
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Anonymous said...

I am trying the same thing, did you ever figure it out?

Dave said...

Actually, the stuff made from that recipe is pretty nice. My hands feel a bit tacky (but clean) after use compared to the commercial stuff which leaves my hands feeling softer and smoother. So, it's good but could be better. I think my next attempt will be a 50/50 mix of coconut oil (for lather) and olive oil (for smoothness) and 10% superfatted. I'll post the recipe when I get to it.

Anonymous said...

The best foamy soap in Columbus is at a store called The Candle Lab. They have locally-made foamy soap in three fragrances (meyer lemon, lavender, and basil/citrus), and even carry the refill bottles when you run out. There are two stores - one on Grandview Avenue across the street from Figlio's and one in Worthington across High Street from the Worthington Inn next to Graeters. Its way easier than making it yourself!