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April 14, 2007

City Center's future?

The largesse of suburban shopping centers cannot be more evident after reading today's Dispatch piece on Easton's Security Guards getting new Seqways to zip around (to catch those criminally insane shoppers). This is shown above the fold in today's business section.

Below the fold?

Macy's is considering will (based on recent trends) pull out of City Center.

This sucks. Both the editorial decision regarding the relative position of these stories and the grim reality of shopping in the city. My wife, daughter and I LOVE City Center. It's one of the few places to go in Columbus for a more diverse experience and the shopping is (or, used to be) good. Should be interesting to see what comes of City Center in months to come. I'm not optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

Downtown malls really seem to be struggling in a lot of places. I know Tower Place in Cincinnati (which came late in the downtown mall wave and never really found its footing) is in a bad way, and I've heard the same for the one in St. Louis.

Eaton Centre in Toronto seems to do well...maybe downtown malls just can't function well over the long run unless they're embedded in a downtown that is itself in good shape?

It is a real shame to have a dying mall taking up such a big chunk of downtown Columbus. I had a meeting downtown with some people who had flown in from out of town, and we parked under City Center and had to walk through it to get to our meeting. I have to admit, it was embarrassing.

Dave said...

That is too bad.

I emailed Ben Marrison (Dispatch Editor) about the placement of the Macy's story and he said since it was an update, it got lower priority on the page.

A said...

It's a shame. My family moved to Columbus the summer City Center opened up, when I was six. All the way through high school, that was my favorite place to be downtown. I went back for old time's sake about a year ago and was sorely disappointed with what I saw. Of course Lazarus closed after I left Columbus so I wasn't expecting a miracle mall, frozen in time, but I certainly wasn't anticipating walking into a ghost mall, tumbleweeds and all.