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April 16, 2007

Spagio: A "Review"

I have a different perspective on evaluating restaurants now.

We went to Spagio on Grandview Ave this past Sunday for brunch before the opera. First, we didn't have to wait long to be seated. 1 star.

Booster seat or high chairs available? Only high chairs. 1/2 star.

Activities available while waiting the painstaking minutes it takes for the server to get the food? Plenty, they had blank white paper covering the entire table!! Frankie drew her masterpiece shown above. I'm the mid-sized bald guy on the far right with the huge eyes. 1 star.

More than mac 'n cheese and fries on the kids menu? Definitely! Frankie got a generous portion of french toast with lots of fruit on top. She was clam-happy. 1 star.

Check delivered immediately after the child's last bite went into her mouth? Yes and the receipts returned almost before Frankie ran out of the restaurant. Little slow, 1/2 star.

Food? I forgot what I ate, I think it was good but was too busy making sure Frankie was busy and well-behaved. 1 star I guess.

Tally ... 5 stars out of a possible 6. Not bad. Thumbs up on "kid-friendly cuisine".

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