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April 24, 2007

Earth Day @ Glen Echo

Into the ravine

This was taken close to Glen Echo Ravine the evening before Earth Day. Glen Echo's a fun spot in Columbus. It's a relatively large park and, on a nice day, it's filled with dogs little kids and adults looking for some peace in the middle of the city. We use it as a path to Dairy Queen and have a game of Poohsticks on the way (I never win, I'm Eyore).

Saturday morning we grabbed our shovel to plant stuff in the ravine and also bagged up a bunch of trash (although, it's a pretty clean park). Aside from tearing up my hands because of how clumsy I was picking up trash and planting trees, it was a fun way to spend the day. Lots of dogs, lots of kids, lots of sun and lots of friendly neighbors making the park a better place.

Friends of the Ravines site.


tinotchka said...

Nice shot.

Dave said...

Thanks, I like it too. I never did anything for Earth Day. My daughter actually got us into it.