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May 31, 2007

"Work, worry toil and trouble are indeed the lot of almost all men their whole life long"

... Arthur Schopenhauer

I want to have a beer with this man. I think he's dead though. Must've been a homeowner.

Frankie and I were on our night out tonight. When we got to the library I noticed this book Happiness. Frequent readers of this site probably won't be surprised I'm somewhat susceptible to picking up a self-help book here or there (I am NOT, however, engaged in any 12-step programs). I grabbed it and began reading. It's by Daniel Nettle and is anything but a self-help book. It's a historical treatment of the pursuit of happiness (psychological perspective). It's a fun read so far.

I did look around a tad paranoid to see if anyone noticed me checking it out. Fortunately, the library check out upc symbols are on the back cover. Helps.

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Anonymous said...

You don't want to do anything with Schopenhauer; he was a famous nazi.