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June 22, 2007

Back from the family vacation

Due to unforseen and extraordinarily high real estate-related expenses, we journeyed this year to explore more local heritage - in Cleveland. Yeah, no sandy beaches or large-sized, freakish cartoon characters, but the hotel had a pool. If you could hear Frankie squeal with delight everytime we hit the pool, you'd think we were on the French Riviera. The science museum, the natural history museum, the zoo (which Frankie said was "awesome") and a scenic train ride on the Cuyahoga river highlighted our trip. We were running full steam from about 7 until we both pinned her down for bedtime around 9 (when Mom and I snuck in a little "Hell's Kitchen"). We have only two more vigorously busy days to get her calmed down and back into her routine. It will be challenging.

Snippets heard before 4 pm from Frankie:
thank you, please, constant giggling, "are we there yet, are we there yet, ...?",

Snippets heard after 5 pm from us (bold indicates louder, sterner, more exasperated voice):
"Frankie please ..."
stop kicking me
calm down
stop running so fast, we can't keep up
sit in your seat, no standing, please
stop jumping on the bed
stop wiggling
no more Sponge Bob

We believe Frankie's first big word in her vocabulary will be exasperation.

Despite the torrid pace Frankie set, we wouldn't have her any other way. Aside from late-day occasional melt-downs, we had a blast. In "cleeeve land" (Frankie's pronunciation).

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