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June 28, 2007

I so want to be green it hurts

Lately, I've been thinking how to incorporate biking and parenting. The tagalong type youth bike seems like too much effort for the kiddies (and me) for quick trips. And, when you need to get something done, like go to the grocery store and back, I don't think they'll be excited about this option. So, I've been pondering more fun means of carting around the kid and having a bit of carrying capacity. This pedicab is the first thing I've seen that got me excited. I've been enamored by tricycles forever and I have a feeling a kid (or two) would get pretty excited to be driven around in one of these. (Maybe I could even sell the back are of the pedicab for advertising.)

I don't think I could buy something like this by mail, so I'm trying to hunt one down for a test drive. Wouldn't this be cool for transportation to gradeschool and commuting to work?!


Anonymous said...

Do you think you're man enough to carry around the kid and my ginormous self?

Anonymous said...

Deending on how young your children are, the bike trailers can be quickly attached to a bicycle, can carry two young children and have a "trunk" for groceries, picnic basket, etc. They are more for toddlers, but would be safer because of the enclosure. My daughter loves ours. Often falls asleep in it. And the screens keep the bugs out!!!

Dave said...

Anon, I guess I agree. The pedicab just couldn't be tolerated on the thin sidewalks of Clintonville and it may be a tad dangerous. My hope was not immediate but in a year when she starts kindergarten and may be too big for the tow along. Maybe not though, she's kind of small (4 yrs and 30 lbs).