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July 15, 2007


bullshitI am a sucker for the get-rich-quick genre of advertising. I don't spend lots or fall for the gimmicks, but, I study the ads to learn why people fall for them. I suspect the central reason some fall for scams is insecurity coupled with exploitation of the personal weaknesses that insecurity imposes.

This "get musclebound fast scam" is hilarious on so many levels. Aside from the obvious someone's grandfather's head stuck on top of a 16-year old boy's body, the ad promises everything everyone might want in life as a result of having big muscles: libido, energy, muscles, utopia, etc. And, the nerve of the doctor putting the phrase "not digitally enhanced" makes me want to visit the site and just toss obscenities at the doctor.


Brian O'Connell said...

That photo reminds me of those Greek and Roman statues where some 60-year old politician's head is put on top of a perfect physique. They're funny and creepy at the same time.

Dave said...

Excellent analogy.

Just for kicks, I emailed them and asked if cenegenics would increase penis size. They actually wrote back with a laundry list of ailments it cured and to make sure I call them in person right away.