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July 20, 2007

Exploitation of bad newz

Michael Vick, not yet dropped from the Falcons, was indicted on charges related to illegal dogfighting. He hosted dog fights at his home. His "business" was called Bad Newz Kennels.

I find it nauseating the Falcons haven't dumped him yet. Had he not been such a priveliged money-maker for the team, he certainly would've by now.

For kicks, I looked up the domain It was registered (anonymously of course) on July 7, 2007 and it has a bunch of information on how buy pit bulls. The owner of the domain and Vick (and maybe Paris Hilton) should be put in a ring of these dogs, tied up and left for their dinner.


Anonymous said...

Big name players who are actually good/underpaid (situation-dependent) don't get cut. It usually starts with "We stand by X and will withhold judgment until the legal system has performed its duties." If he is convicted, the next step is usually, "He regrets his actions and is undergoing conseling to prevent further mistakes", as if counseling is useful for preventing stupidity, racism, or cruelty (particularly actions obvious to average observers as such).

Fortunately, though, Vick is someone with monster skills (and paycheck) but average performance - so he will probably be cut if he is convicted (or it is obvious that he will be). Some other time will pick im him ("to give him a second chance") and another drama will get to play out.

I wonder why I ever care about sports when this stuff happens (lots now).

LawyerGirl said...

This just turns my stomach. How can anyone look into the eyes of an animal and think about training it to fight to its death of profit? I see guys in court at work sometimes for dogfighting and I just want to shake them.