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July 19, 2007

We made the big time!

Me and Rosie had comments on kids' menus in the Dispatch yesterday. Thanks Kevin!

ps, Lorence made a great bunch of suggestions for favorite kid-friendly spots too on weber_cam.

An excerpt:
Dave Scarpetti faces similar compromises with his daughter, Frankie.

The chemist from the North Side wants his child to be exposed to a variety of foods at a young age.

And often the 4-year-old is agreeable.

Unless she wants a hot dog.

"When you're exhausted and you just need a break, you'll give in," he said. "When you do have the energy, you say no.

"I don't worry about a healthy choice, but I would like her to experience something a little bit better, a little more interesting."

A family favorite is HomeTown Buffet, which, he said, allows everyone to choose from a variety of vegetables, sides and main dishes.

The atmosphere -- sometimes lively, always family-oriented -- doesn't hurt, either.

When feeling more adventurous, the clan will have vegetarian meals at Whole World Natural Restaurant & Bakery in the Clintonville neighborhood or order sushi at Haiku Poetic Food & Art in the Short North -- neither of which offers a separate kids' menu.

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