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July 12, 2007

I'm putting this on my resume

I captured a sample of my 4-year old's urine in a sterile cup for analysis.

Let's see a CEO try that.


endangered coffee said...

With my 3-month old, I'm constantly capturing urine. Probably not the same thing, huh?

Dave said...

Depends. If you need a sample it's tough to get, otherwise, it just attacks you.

Anonymous said...

I just spent half an hour reading your site. I have no kids and so can relate only on a theoretical level to your experiences, but I spent a great deal of time amused.
Thank you for proving that blog entries about parenting aren't boring, and for knocking things around a bit.

Dave said...

Hey Denise,
Parenting couldn't possibly be boring with my kid. And, I don't believe you can put them too high on a pedestal, you might lose your identity, hence the irreverance.

Thanks for stopping by!