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July 28, 2007

Should I?

Mom's at a conference in Orange County, CA (where, I'm told, the weather girls wear tube tops). It's day 4. Frankie's not had her hair combed since Wednesday, she's destroyed my office once while daycare was closed, she's up at 6 am and to bed at about 10 pm, she's routinely naked after 5 steps in the house, she just carefully shredded my Saturday newspaper into little square bits with a scissors (that I hid) and I've showered approximately every other day. I'm a bit exhausted and smelly. Today, with a wide-open 12 hours to go, I'm contemplating taking her to see The Simpsons. Rated PG? Hmmm.


Sandy said...

First time commenting! Don't know how I got lead to your blog, but it's like that, isn't it?
You should bring Frankie to see Ratatoille! Great movie for kids and adults alike! (I went with no kids available and loved it!) The animation is superb!

Dave said...

Hey Sandy, thanks for stopping in. GREAT idea. Unfortunately she just saw it about a week ago with her Mom and I missed it! Darn. A friend told me last night it was one of the best food movies he's seen - EVER (compared to Big Night, Like Water for Chocolate, etc.). I'm going to buy it.

I'm afraid we're off to the Simpsons today - the kid just called it.

Sandy said...

Ah, rats. You will love it though! A movie about a rat will indeed make you hungry though! :D
Enjoy the Simpson's!

bob.os said...

It's playing at Studio35, which is relatively kid-friendly. I took the boys to see Transformers last week.

Too bad that they don't have weekend matinées though.

Dave said...

Weekend matinees at Studio 35, my dream! I think I need to email the owner.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Simpsons movie! I haven't seen it yet...I had vague intentions of going to the Friday 7AM showing at the Gateway, but a night tossing and turning with work stress finished off that notion.

On the kid-appropriateness of the Simpsons (kind of) -- I had one of those, oh crap, I'm old, moments when I was out to dinner with a bunch of coworkers in their 20s. They were talking about their parents not letting them watch the Simpsons when they were little kids. While I wasn't quite a full-fledged adult when the Simpsons came out, I was long past the age when my parents had any pretense of forbidding me to watch anything. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Sorry for the work stress.

I have a lot of those "oh crap, I'm old moments".

The movie was good, but Frankie just pranced around the theater. She didn't like it as much as I did and changed her seat about 4 times. Fortunately, it was the 11:30 am showing and it was pretty noisy, so I don't think anyone even noticed her behavior.