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August 1, 2007

Starbucks: Let the weaning begin

If gas goes up, you're stuck. Despite tailgaters, all you can do is drive economically as possible, but you kind of need it. Starbucks coffee, on the other hand, is something I'm addicted to and I'm running an annual tab of about $1,000 (after tax dollars) per year (and I don't even drink the fancy girly cocktails they offer for about $4 each). Now that they've raised prices again and I'm done. I don't need it like I need gas and this is where I draw the line. My coffee in work is $0.35 (about a fifth of 1 tall). I'll see how long I make it.

I'm into my third day of workplace coffee. Mmmm, Soma is good, I must be in heaven.


endangered coffee said...


That's how they pump you full of the brainwashing drugs.

Anonymous said...

Try McD's. According to a recent CR report it is a much better tasting coffee and a whole lot less expensive.

Love Peggy V.

Dave said...

EC, what's wrong with brainwashing drugs? A lifetime of subserviant, soul-sucking dedication to the man is a good thing. Just drink more office coffee. You'll know what I mean. mmmm.

Peggy. Good point, I saw that article. Unfortunately, it's almost as expensive and not nearly as good (just in my opinion).

Anonymous said...

I got a large French roast to go from La Chatelaine yesterday for $1.10. It was yummy, but the to-go cup was so flimsy I thought the whole thing was going to end up in my lap.

Next time I'll bring my own cup.

Rosie said...

Hey Dave,

You should make your own coffee "syrup" and keep it in the fridge. Then all you have to do in the morning is turn on a hot pot and do your own to-go cup.

Check it out

Anonymous said...

My workplace coffee is horrible, beyond horrible when they run out and temporarily switch to Kroger brand (Aramark services the coffee maker). I've taken to having a french press (the Aramark maker has a hot water spigot) and while this leads to being labeled a coffee snob, its well worth it to me to endure the mockery.

Dave said...

Good idea Ed. French press coffee is pretty good and I too have access to a hot water tap. And, I could care less who calls me a coffee snob. They can drink all the sewer water they want. Thanks for the idea.

Ian said...

Hi Dave,

I think it's time to do this properly. Making your own coffee (especially espresso based drinks) is a perfect opportunity for the keen chef/chemist. In the time it takes you to stop at your local $tarbuck$, you can create a great drink to start the day. It is also one of the few appliances that will pay for itself many times over.

Take a look at for further information.

Best Regards,

Ian - Chicago, IL

Unknown said...

We make enough coffee in the morning to take mugs for the commute and the 30-45 minute computer powerup/gab/surf. That's usually enough and then I switch to green tea.

Dave said...

I still can't stop at 1. Now since I realized espresso is only about 35 mg caffeine/cup and a regular 8 oz is about 200 mg, I'm switching to a few shots espresso a day (homemade via mocha pot).