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August 6, 2007

Ohio $tate Fair!

We love the Ohio State Fair. The fatty food, rides, animals, livestock, crafts, the incredibly rich variety of mullets. It's all there. But, wtf! What happened to the prices? Since it's an all cash affair, in order to track spending, I usually just put a hundred bucks in my pocket and tally what's left to figure out what we spent. We usually have plenty. This year, not so much. The only thing that kept us under the wire was the blistering heat and humidity and Frankie's endurance fell a bit short. Fortunately, she was whipped by noon (we got there when the gates opened around 9). Not including water we purchased beforehand, it cost approximately $70. I think the rides doubled in price this year (we live for the monster slide and did it many times). Next year, if the weather's cooler, we're getting $20 wristbands and staying all day.


Big Momma said...

Ouch! But, the big slide is worth it, right?

Dave said...

Absolutely. I like it more than the girl does.