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August 10, 2007

What I did on my night off ...

"What are you doing?"
"Why are you putting screws in and out?"
"What are you doing?"
"Why are you doing that?"
"Can I help?"
"It looks like you're putting screws in, why?"
"Are you screwing that in?"
"What are you doing?"
"Are you finished yet?"
"Can I put in a screw?"
"Why are you doing that?"
"What are you doing?"
"Is that broken?"
"Is it done yet?"
"You're just putting screws in and out?"
"Why are you doing it again?"
"Is it done yet?"
"What are you doing?"
"Why does it look like that?"
"What's all the stuff on the insiide?"
and on, and on ...

Last night, while Mom and Frankie had a night out, I decided to install a new cd-rom in Frankie's daycare classroom's broken computer. These were the curious kids' comments. Inquisitive bunch. Kind of like a swarm of talking cats around your feet.

Thank goodness it actually worked, the pressure was intense!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Frankie wasn't there. Then you would have heard, "I'll hold those screws." "I'm going to help you." "I am putting the screws in my cubby where they will be safe." "I need to show the screws to the birds." "NO, NO, PAPA THOSE ARE MY SCREWS!" Et cetera.

Dave said...

No one asked if there were monsters in there. It is a windows machine after all.