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September 14, 2007

Jumpcut vs. Youtube

Lately, I've been learning how to get video from my camera to the net with some privacy. Frankie's soccer games are coming and I don't want to have to get consent forms from all the parents (nor would they sign them if I could) to post videos of the kids - no matter how unpopular 4-5 yr old soccer is. So, I first posted a sample vid to Youtube and labeled it private. Good, I thought. Now I'll just send it to a string of emails and only a limited audience will be able to see it. Wrong. Youtube vids marked as "private" cannot be sent out with email permissions.

Jumpcut, Yahoo!'s version of a video site DOES allow this. I tried a sample Frankie greeting vid and sent it around to the family and it worked like a charm. Very cool. Streaming updates of the kid to a limited audience will follow. I should also note, the vid is hosted at Jumpcut, so the email is only a few K; won't gob up your inboxes.


Anonymous said...

Please include me!

Love Peggy

Dave said...

I'd love to include you!

Anonymous said...

don't forget about us island folk!


Unknown said...

You should try, they allow you to set "Secret URL's" and then share them with friends and family without creating additional accounts.

Dave said...

Thanks Robert, so far jumpcut's been what I need. I'm going insane with passwords. I'll jump in if they fail me.

Anonymous said...

Dave...I just discovered your blog last night (love it). As for the private video thing I work for IAC and we have a division called Vimeo.

I upload my sons videos to Vimeo because of the privacy options; and I never really use Youtube unless it's something that I don't care about other people seeing. Anyway you can check it out at