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November 24, 2007

Leaves Part I: Front Yard



This morning I bought 60 30 gal lawn leaf bags. Thirty have been used. And, the trees in the back are only about 1/3 fallen.

Next year, we write the check.


Rosie said...

Don't think of it as a chore - think of it as aerobic exorcise! Hell charge people to come and work out in your yard raking leaves!

Tired of your gym? The endless stairs, the treadmills and the gal who will never give you the time of day? Come to Dave's Backyard Gym! We've got everything you need! Leaves! Rakes! Bags!

Wadda ya think?

Dave said...

Hey Rosie,
I couldn't agree more. I actually enjoyed it. By the end of the weekend we packed 40 bags. Judging from the trees, I'd say we have another 30 bags left.

It was also neat because the neighbors were out. Kind of like a snow storm.