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December 6, 2007

Good Night

A popular topic in the children's book genre is bedtime. Among the most popular titles is Good Night Moon. I suspect any parent reading this will smile as they recall their sleep-deprived years. The book can only be described as soothing with lovely illustrations and makes one want to curl up and go to sleep.

The parent - will want to sleep.

Reflecting on the early months of parenthood, I now understand why this niche is so popular. Your child is at the larval stage, could care less about the content of what you're reading and the book was simply marketed to you with the hope it might, in some way, facilitate her going to sleep easier and alleviate your agony from 18 hour days. Books like this are undeniably beautiful and Frankie's copy will be archived with her other precious effects. Unfortunately, they don't work. We've all learned the painful reality that sleep is actually something they learn. And, it sometimes takes a long time.

I apologize for dragging you, once again, into my current ebay obsession, but I found a copy of this book in good condition at a thrift store the other day for a quarter and couldn't resist. I cleaned off the "stuff" on it, packaged it up for 1st class mail and listed it. It's currently at 99¢ and there's about 7 bleary-eyed parents individuals watching it (it sells on Amazon used for 1¢). Should be a fun auction.

⇒ Nifty link: Auction Sniping, a practice avoided on trademe.


Anonymous said...

That picture made me wet myself a little.

Dave said...

It's one of those pics from Amazon "share your images".

Miss Lexiloo said...

I used to read 'the Cat in the Hat'..over and over until his head finally plopped down on my shoulder. Yeah, it's cheating and I know supernanny says you should put them in bed and teach them to stay there....pfft.

Goodnight moon didn't work for me, either.

Dave said...

Supernanny has some interesting tips, but, face it, all problems solved in 30 minutes? C'mon.

Anonymous said...

my daughter got up once a night in the middle of the night as a newborn. that lasted about two months, at which point she started sleeping through the night. she's 7 months old now, and sleeps 8pm to 7am like clockwork. ;)

on a separate note, it's silly to me that there's even a name for "auction sniping." (with negative connotations no less!) to me it's foolish to enter a bid at any time other than just before the auction ends. (and then you find out if you won) i don't understand why everyone doesn't do this - then the bidder who is willing to enter and pay the highest maximum price wins the item. (sounds like an auction to me) the first six days are to let everyone check out the item, ask questions, and do the research to determine the highest price they are willing to pay. i mean, why do you need to know what someone else is willing to pay to know what you are willing to pay? that's just mental laziness.

Anonymous said...

after reading the previous link to escalation of commitment, it seems to me that those opposing "auction sniping" are upset, because that prevents bidders from having a chance to make emotional, rationally stupid decisions that could lead to the item being purchased for more than it's worth. so now at least you understand the motivation.

Dave said...

7 months. You're one of the luckiest ones I know. I hope it continues.

I totally agree with you about sniping. It's part of the game. I snipe all the time.

I heard the CEO of Ebay once asked how he bids. He said he puts out what he thinks it's worth and doesn't watch. The autobidder does the work. Sometimes he wins, sometimes not. Sniping's more fun.

Anonymous said...

Karl - you will learn. Everything is a phase. This too shall pass.

Dave said...

"...sleeps 8pm to 7am like clockwork"

ps, All guys think this is true. It's because the moms get up.

Rosie said...

See you got it all wrong - you don't read pretty story books! You get out really boring old books like Dave's thesis. Man - do they ever pass out with the quickness! Something about the soul sucking text of a long winded science text does the trick even at that young an age!