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January 26, 2008

Hiyaaah! Dave "meets" and interviews the Black Belt Mama

The mighty funny Neilochka of Citizen of the Month has launched a chunk of blogger fun called the Great Interview Experiment. Every person commenting (interviewer) on that post will interview the next commenter (interviewee). The series of answered questions, when finished and edited, will be published on the interviewee's blog.

My interviewee is Black Belt Mama. A Mom Blogger. A tough as nails Mom blogger. From the limited amount I've read she's got kids, she works the equivalent of 3 full time jobs as a freelance writer, she has a brown belt in more martial arts sub disciplines than I can pronounce and she's not afraid to nurse in public. A strong woman indeed. I'm currently crafting some questions about her, her blog and her future online directions. I'm hoping the questions will be up to her literary standards (or else??..). The rules dictate she publish the final interview in her blog.

The interview is posted.

I have not heard yet from the person interviewing me. Keep you posted.


Blackbeltmama said...

Thanks Dave. This was fun and you asked some great questions. Thanks for such a nice description too. ;-)

Dave said...

I thought it best to be respectful, or else...

I enjoyed it too.