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January 16, 2008

Proof: Nature wins.


The definitive piece of evidence emerged last night; Nature wins.

We were invited to a birthday party at the infamous Chuck E. Cheese (aka CEC for the in-crowd) on 161 in Dublin last night. something strange happened. It was a wonderful party, but fascinating. CEC serves up ample quantities of sugar and fat in varied but edible forms. They also post on their menu "BEER." Before walking in, I heard this and thought it was funny. Turns out, there could have Trappist Monks serving Orval on tap and it wouldn't taste any different than BEER. When you walk in the door, you are hit with a pulsating barrage of blinky lights, a large animatronic rat, flat panels galore, electronic games, climbing structures, rides, colors, blinky lights and really loud, really old cover tunes sung by really mediocre cover bands.

I'm sitting there stunned and overwhelmed and barely aware of any of my senses (except sight). This place fits every parent's most frightening stereotype of what they don't want for their kids.

Then, Frankie all but exploded.

She has never enjoyed herself more. I believe she thought it was better than xmas and Halloween combined! And, she's a pretty happy kid to begin with. The fascinating thing to me? No matter how hard we try as parents, the kids are who they are.



Lorence said...

oh, yeah, CEC is pretty much a mind blowing experience for kids Frankie's age and even older. We found the one near our house had almost halfway decent pizza and Boogie had a blast. Just wait 'til you get to go to Galaxy Golf and Games - Tubes, nets, slides, and more, 3 stories high. Now that was even fun for me!

Dave said...

Hey Lorence,
We've actually been to Galaxy. We love it. It's one of our playgroup occasional meeting spots. It's not as loud either.

Anonymous said...

This is probably a silly question, but what does the "H" represent on the dress in Frankie's drawing?

Dave said...

Hmmm. That's a good question. We'll ask her tonight. Probably "hectic."

Anonymous said...

I don't think it means anything. She's been writing random letters on everything. Tonight she learned how to spell "Ew," by accident. She thought that was very funny.

Betty said...

I recently was told there will be CEC outings in my future, for my granddaughter. It's been years since I've been to one.

Dave said...

Seeing her have that much fun actually made me like it. I bet you'll have fun.