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January 13, 2008

Social Networks - Safe?

I've been thinking a lot about social networking sites lately. How can you surf the web and not stumble over them continuously? I graduated from Revere High School and went hunting for classmates that may have stumbled into the time-sucking portal called facebook. Of course I didn't find any, they're all busy raising kids, going to daycare, school, work, soccer and commuting in the suicidal driving capital of the world, Boston.

I did however come across this lucky lad. Jason is apparently popular with the ladies as this photo demonstrates quite clearly. What's going to happen when HR switches from viewing humdrum resumes to viewing profiles on facebook? Will they swoon as these ladies do over the irresistible Jason? Poke him? Will they experience a flashback of all the asshole Jasons who tortured them in high school and slip Jason's resume ... somewhere else?

Obviously, Jason will replace this image the night before he interviews (if he's not drunk), but what else lurks in his online repertoire of nifty photos that he may have created when, oh, slightly cognitively impaired?

Scary world. Job figures suck these days and maybe I'm too old, but "smooth with the ladies" isn't too marketable.


tinotchka said...

Oh, come on. Clearly Jason is an aspiring swimsuit model photographer, and this image will figure prominently in his portfolio.


Dave said...

Got me. Forgot about the boundless number of opportunities in the male modeling industry. Turned down a number of lucrative offers myself back in the day.