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January 8, 2008

wiki or blog?

Given about 10 people who would like to post daily topics (or several times a day), comment on these topics and add some notes to the topic of discussion; a group communication tool, what's better - a wiki or blog. It has to be searchable, have categories, ... more later
An interesting comparison.


tinotchka said...

I think you're looking at a wiki there. But if your participants aren't geeky to begin with, be prepared for a steep learning curve.

tinotchka said...

You might want to check out this opportunity to explore different kinds of online collaboration spaces and communities:

Dave said...

This is work related and it's easier to use some package in house. So, I'm struggling through MS SharePoint right now. They have wiki capability built in. It's pretty interesting so far. It actually looks nice too.

Dave said...
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