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March 9, 2008

Blogrush, Site Traffic and WorldCooking123

If you fantasize about someday getting rich and/or popular via the internets, site traffic is pretty much the holy grail. Projects such as BlogRush give you some way to get more traffic by linking you to other like-minded blogs. Doesn't work very well. Despite their "evaluation" of the content of your site, they make a judgement about whether you're worthy of the almighty Blogrush widget.

They actually approved a site called World Cooking 123. This site has approximately 18-20 clickable ads above the fold. Don't visit, the site will likely crash your browser. It's a detestable site (and, yes, I'm hoping they Technorati themselves 'til they're blind and see this post) I've ever seen. Once you page down a few times, there's a blip of content. I never made it, my browser kept crashing.

I can never figure out sites like this. They usually don't get any traffic, they're ugly and I suspect they make about a nickel per thousand visitors. Fortunately, these sites languish quickly. Everyone's busy and everyone knows how to buy stuff, going to some obscure site isn't the major path to buying cheap shit for your kitchen.

Fortunately, quality content trumps all. Smart, clever and not greedy people rule the creative web.


Not Important said...

World Cooking 123 didn't crash Firefox on my PC, but it took a while for all of the graphics to arrive.

I was reminded of Homer Simpson's home page.

Dave said...

I think our machine at home's not quite right these days. I think we're ready for a OS reload.

I did make it in once but got so distracted I forgot why I surfed there to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that page would pass the test for causing epileptic seizure. I now have a headache. I should probably sue and see if that revenue-generation-machine-123 will buy me off to keep quiet.