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March 13, 2008

Did I win?

About a 2 or 3 times a year I buy one of these things. Why do I get the urge to toss a dollar away? For some reason it makes thinking about the financial fortune and what I'd do with it a bit more fun. I usually don't check the ticket for days.

My most recent lottery fantasy is pretty simple. I'd probably keep my job, maybe knock it back to part time. Go on a trip with the gang to Lyon, give my family a few bucks. The material stuff? I'd get an F-350 lifted with duallies, a hard hat and go rebuild homes around the city and sell them at cost to deserving families.

Ayone got a good lottery wish?


Betty said...

I'd get a convertible and do a road trip that would pretty much be around the perimeter of the US. If I won really big, I'd get a flat in London and go there as much as I wanted.
Maybe I should buy a ticket now and then.

Your idea of fixing houses to sell at cost is nifty.

Miss Lexiloo said...

I'd pay my inlaws to move out-of-state....or move out of state myself!

Anonymous said...

A US perimeter trip. Nice. And, London, you'd need a mil for that. It'd be a blast though.

In-laws? They read this, so, I'd give them lots of money. Honest.

Anonymous said...

I'd be going back to school. I think I'd first go for a degree in math or statistics. Then when I was done, I'd go for biology. Then maybe med school, just so I could dissect a cadaver. I need a few years to study history, too. And sociology. And history.

I figure I could get in at least 8 more Bachelor's degrees before I die.