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March 17, 2008

Why is this happening??????????

This absolutely fascinating. Currently bid at $2,225 and 52,000 visitors to ebay.
ebay listing.

$200,444.00, I ... can't ... go ... to ... sleep ...

What if it gets moldy?


Miss Lexiloo said...

Holy crap, over 2 grand? I need to take a closer look at my cornflakes!

Miss Lexiloo said...

Oh, and I just saw your tagline....I don't carry a phone, either. I had Revol but they're crap, and just not paying a big provider a bunch of crapola fees.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm still the only man though.

Actually, I carry one about 1-2 days a year, when we go out and use a babysitter.

Anonymous said...

casually visit yours and find it.
I was surprised about it when listened on the radio in Japan.