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March 28, 2008

She's not four and a half and three quarters forever anymore.

no more is she 4 and a half and three quarters forever

She's 5.
I can't believe we all survived.
She has a pretty grueling schedule for the next few days; parties, dentist, circus, etc. If you call to wish her a happy birthday, call tonight between 7-7:30 (to try to keep her schedule) and don't worry if you call sometime during the weekend. Sunday evening she may not be home.

Today, I spent the morning with her doing science experiments with her and her friends and teachers (whatever they're paid, it's not enough) at school (we made slime). All had a blast. Pics and movies will be distributed later.


Lorence said...

Congrats to you and Trish. I've told you before, and I know you believe me - it only gets better.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you - I really do need to take you up on your baking lesson offer. I'm such a baking wuss. boog an I were at Panera yesterday for lunch after his haircut (his turn to choose the lunch location - he had the grilled chicken caesar), both of love fresh bread, and I know the stuff coming out of one's own oven has to be even better.
I'll be in touch!

Dave said...

Hey Lorence,

Thanks. It definitely does get better. So far seems 3 and a half to 4 was the magic turning point.

Re: bread. No sweat. You're a parent, these things can easily get pushed off for a few days, few months, whatever. I do mean it however, some Saturday or Sunday morning-afternoon, the whole bunch of us can make a tasty baguette. But don't sweat about trying to hurry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! She looks wonderful. Mine little one is 6 and a half, and my older one is truning 10 years old next week. belive me a lot easier than when they were small but very interesting and different kids of challenges lie ahead.

Enjoy her!

Anonymous said...

Did the Wiseman remember her birthday this year?? You never know about him; he's very tricky.

Anonymous said...

You know, the Wiseman was the only one to have predicted the birth of Frankie? He is wise indeed. If I had a picture of him at 5 years old, I would've posted that.

Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns!

You know, if you blink, they grow two inches.

Dave said...

She went bowling today for phase 2 of the bday extravaganza.

If they bowl a ball, blink, spin around, go get some pizza, go potty, the ball may have traveled almost to the pins.

Betty said...

She's adorable!

Dave said...

I think the boots are a perfect touch.