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May 10, 2008

One of those nights you don't forget

The day was going swimmingly. Up early, to the soccer field for the season's closing game. Mustangs v. the mighty Tide. Good game. Don't know who won. Finished with snacks and the award ceremony. Trophies and all. The ceremony had a slight delay when all the Mustangs went running to see one of the siblings showing off his snail. The rest of the day we gardened, Frankie showed off her trophy to everyone in Columbus, hung around and got ready to start the Mother's day celebration. Tomorrow morning: multi-grain waffles, tomorrow afternoon: Frankie would take Mom to a late lunch at (her) Mom's favorite place, Hometown Buffet.

Frankie and I even had time to prepare Mom's present late this afternoon. For dinner, we all decided to go to Dosa Corner (1077 Old Henderson). As we drove there, Frankie started to feel a bit sick. We thought she just had hunger pains.

We were so wrong.

Just as the wonderful smelling dosa came to the table with many sides, Frankie and mom darted to the women's room, luckily choosing the correct path to the bathroom and missing the kitchen. Well, you know the rest. Mom helped Frankie, I jumped to my knees wiping the floor, and the waiter put the stuff in take out containers. We apologized vigorously to the other diners (only 2 fortunately). As we apologized, they just laughed and said (while being grateful it wasn't them) don't worry, we've got kids too. We scurried out and left a handsome tip. We hope they'll let us back.

Frankie and her 30-something pound frail frame have been sick all night. Mrs. Dave's Beer and I are alternating helping her through the night. Happy Mother's Day my love.

Incidentally, Dosa Corner is pretty amazing. Vegetarian and inexpensive, we can't wait to go back.

Oh yeah, they all get a trophy.

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