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May 26, 2008

The looooonnng weekend

the newest project

This weekend, Frankie was working on one of her MANY projects. The robot pictured here is her newest creation.

We need some space for her to spread out, let the paint fly and ... just be kid. While I prepared the brewing-sausage curing-workarea/mancave portion of the cellar, Mom spearheaded the effort to clear out the other wing of the basement for the kid. Now, while I sit in the coolness of the basement contemplating sausages or beer, Frankie (and a few hundred of her friends) can play Pollock on the the other side. A tiring, but productive weekend.

Oh, and it was potentially profitable to have cleaned up the basement a bit. I'm counting on a wild auction for this little piece of Americana ... bid early!


bob.os said...

I see that Scotch tape is a key structural element in your house too!

Betty said...

That is a GREAT robot!

Anonymous said...

First of all, my neice is a genius. An absolute genius. That robot is perfection. I do, however, have to ask you exactly what those two round things/balloons - what are those supposed to be?

Anonymous said...

ob, She's got the Scotch tape, I've got control over the duct tape. Holds most of the house together.

Thanks Betty, she's pretty creative.

Denise, I think Austin Powers would call them oddly-placed jublees.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. Those are "shooters," i.e., laser guns, just like Astroboy's.

She knows where the boobies go. The laser turrets go down lower.

amy turn sharp said...

love it!!!