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June 8, 2008

Let the week begin ...

click image for larger, more clear view
This morning around the b'fast table, the discussion centered on these two chipper bugs enjoying the warmth and humidity. Really enjoying the warmth and humidity. Some hypotheses were advanced regarding which one was the male.

Maybe I'm giddy and overconfident because of the upcoming week of festivities preceding the BIG DAY (Father's day), but it was pretty obvious to me. Taking a cue from the bird kingdom, where all the males are larger, more colorful, and handsome (after passing through an excruciating and awkward adolescent phase of their life that may have occurred in the 70's) it was obvious to me which was the male. I have indicated this evidence clearly on the image above. Everyone agree with me?

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Not Important said...

I don't know about that. If you check out the world of spiders, which are closer to flies than are birds, you'll see a lot of big honkin' females and itsy-bitsy males. The male's only job in the transaction is to fertilize the female's eggs, then he's expendable.

Plus, if this picture is post-coital, then the male may be all tapped out.


Dave said...

Hmmm, I heard that thing about the male spider too.

a. Never know what the male, they may have very large feet in the spider kingdom.

b. Don't believe the expendable thing. I think they're carried off to a beautiful amazon-like world of large powerful females to be worshipped the rest of their life. I think I read that in Nat'l Geographic.

tallasiandude said...

I don't have the answer either, but wanted to toss in another counter-example.

Isn't the male praying mantis diminutive in comparison to the female?

And, of course, you've got that whole expendable concept in spades there.

delmer said...

In your photo it seems the female has bigger (or more) eyes. This would help her to keep an eye on her man and know everything he's up to.