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August 9, 2008

Ready or not.

strong girlInterpretation of kids' art is about as useful as making sense of dreams. Despite the fact I have cold sweat-inducing dreams of homeownership (like being chased by mortgage brokers brandishing downspouts), I don't believe in placing too much meaning in their message. The interpretation of the art becomes even less useful when the kid is your own.

Frankie's about a couple weeks from the big K, kindergarten. Redshirting seems to be all the rage. Let 'em stay home an extra year until they're "ready." Until the kid's ready - or the parent? I don't think we'll ever feel too comfy setting her out for the challenges of the world, so we'll go with the time-honored tradition of scooting her out the door at the age of 5 and hope for the best.

This piece of art gives me some solace.


(Auntie) Denise said...

Are you sure that's a picture of Frankie? I think it looks more like her Auntie Denise ;D

Lexi said...

Good luck with kindergarten! Kids grow up so fast.

Dave said...

It might even look like Donna Summer.

They seem to grow especially fast around this age.

Maria from way back when... said...

So Frankie is getting ready to start the Big K and Jaclyn is ready to start the Big C. Sending them out to face the challenges of the world is way harder on us then it is on them. I'm pretty sure that Jaclyn starting college means we might have done something right...but are you ever really sure? Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride because time is going to fly. It feels like we sent ours off to kindergarten yesterday.

Dave said...

Hey Maria,
College! Must be tougher than driving lessons.

I hope you're right about it being tougher on us than them.

Guitar Dad said...

Hi Dave. I've got a little one heading into kindergarten tomorrow, and we're a little anxious about the transition ourselves. Everything will be just fine, though. We'll be old pros at this having-kids-in-school stuff before we know it. What an amazing journey fatherhood is, huh? Keep up the great blog posts.

Dave said...

Hey Guitar Dad, thanks for the comment, hope things went well this week. Mine just finished preschool today - been there the last FIVE years with the same set of teachers. The wife and I were pretty hurt (and happy of course) to see this special period end. This parenting thing is ... pretty weighty.