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September 18, 2008

Gene called

Ike has passed.
Columbus is still busy cleaning up.
Robo Gene Harris confirmed the early school vacation is over.
Lunch prep continues.
Ham on thinly sliced cucumbers, yum!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. Too bad she opted for the fried cheese.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing well Dave. Sorry you guys got clobbered by Ike, but your ham/cucumber contraptions look tasty. Keep up your excellent blogness.

karl said...

How about some nachos, Flanders style?

(Rod, Todd, Bart, and Lisa: Yayyyyy!)

That's cucumbers with cottage cheese!

(Rod and Todd: Yayyyyyyy!)

Not Important said...

At first, they looked like little legs.

Dave said...

Hey Karl, We're back in your hometown for The Feast. It took your sister about ten minutes to explain your comment and it's meaning to me. I wish I was more smarter.

Gdad, what kind of little legs? That might make them more appealing to the kid.

Not Important said...

The "Major Award" kind of legs from A Christmas Story.