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December 8, 2008

I make Scrooge look happy

Tonight, I will suck it up and pretend to joyous for this period of the year I despise, and decorate the tree. Cranberries and popcorn will be assembled this weekend.

ps If you usually get a xmas present from me(us), it may be wicked late this year.


Not Important said...

Eh, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. GPop loves Christmas, so I help decorate the tree with weird crap I find lying around, like a little X-Wing fighter on a wire that used to hang on the inside window of my car on a suction cup. GPop used to get upset, but he rolls his eyes now. I want to learn enough about working with yarn to make a Flying Spaghetti Monster for the tree next year.

Dave said...

I tried. I'm afraid it'll kill me to get the energy to buy gifts this year. Instead, I went to the gym and spun about 40 straight minutes on a stationary thingy. Felt good.