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January 14, 2009

You're going to die 1 year from today. What would you do?

A variation on the lottery question, only worse and with no money.

Came up today at afternoon coffee.

Hmmm. I think I'd be a substitute teacher. Honest.



Anonymous said...

Does it have to be with no money? I'd liquidate my assets (the money I can't touch until I'm 65) and would travel and do fun things. Is everyone dying or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Can I argue with the premise on which the question is based?

Dave said...

Clam, no.
Denise, You receive no more money than you have. But, you can receive donations. And, you can promise to pay them back, ha ha.

Nancy said...

I'd quit my job and travel around the world. I'd have to ask for donations to get to all the places I'd like to go I guess. I'd start with Provence and Norway. BTW, no school here today! They called it by 7:00 last night,very unusual.

Not Important said...

I think I'd reconnect with old friends to tell them what they meant to me. Then I'd travel and try all kinds of new things.

A said...

I'd go on with my life exactly as it is, only I'd stop being angry with people about anything. I also wouldn't tell anyone.

Dave said...

Nancy and GDad: Travel is tricky IMO. Travel often gives one plenty of time for introspection. Instrospection would toss me over the edge unless I traveled at the beginning of the 1 year period; have to avoid the whole Sunday night before the Monday morning experience.

My yearning to substitute is genuine and it is the antithesis of an experience that would permit too much introspection.

The reconnect with friends is a good one, always.

Adie, Not tell anyone - interesting. I never thought about that part. Being angry, good thing to strive for indeed. Guilty here as well. I take everything personal.

-thanks for playing.

typealibrarian said...

I love what Adie said about going on just as it is. Does this speak to living every day like it was your last? I'm not so great at that. 1 year to live? Hmmm....I think I would turn my typeA-ness down about 50 notches. Spend days where I don't accomplish one thing and feel great about it. Breathe deeply. Notice the details. Cut myself and others a lot more slack. Great question!