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February 14, 2009

TSA, not quite as "good" as when Bush was in

This morning, I'm off to Boston on family matters without the kid and wife. Makes me a bit sad, but it's for good cause. Traveling without the kid, I decided to take some crucial things to pass time in airports. Here are my unnecessary time-wasters.

1. Twinkie, Deconstructed, I might get to finish it, I'm on the fascinating leavening chapter.

2. A downloaded copy of this week's Sound Money, the best finance show on the web.

3. A K-type thermocouple with a stainless steel probe and yellow coil of wires and the USB datalogger itself, in case I have to measure a series of temperature data between -60 and 1900°F.

4. Some software I've been meaning to install.

5. My trusty 2.0 pixel Canon A20; it is a huge 6 year old relic. I love it though.

The title of the post? See item #3? I placed this in the outermost pocket of my scanned bag. A yellow coily wire and it never raised an eyebrow. I am in awe. I still have to endure the BOS check in on the other side. Should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I could not find the 'Sound Money' podcast anywhere. Do you have link for this show?

Dave said...

Hey Ian!

General link is

On that page is the link to podcasts from three shows:
Marketplace (to the minute?)
Marketplace morning show (daily) &
Marketplace Money (weekly)
The weekly is a great show, especially now.

Ian said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for that. I will be adding this to my iTunes podcast list. I am already listening to the Market Place daily show and also the excellent Planet Money podcast.