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March 1, 2009

Honey, I'll be in the basement.

Every other week, I'm visiting Frankie's classroom and the other Kindergarten class for a 30 minute science activity. I intend for these to be hands on, but, after spending some fun time last night on, I am on a scavenger hunt. I have a demo in mind that will be both instructive and fun.

I've never been much of an inventor. I've always been better at making a good idea much better. Based on the big favorite "electric pickle," I have a an awesome twist in mind. Stay tuned, I'm still scavenging materials.


Not Important said...

GPop did the electric pickle demonstration for a speech class in college.

Dave said...

Excellent, you have an expert in the house. I really wanted to try pickling myself with a skinned cucumber and try different salts. I'm still in the pickling stage. Keep GPop on standby.