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May 9, 2009

I'm blogging this ...

I ran to Panera this morning to try to finish a lesson plan and start a new one for the budding Kindergartener/Scientists. I'm running behind.

Now, I'm distracted by a group of 3 loud-talking icky bankers. They're not icky because they're bankers. A woman manager and two underlings, all clad in Chase emblazoned-clothes and shiny gold nametags are yucking it up gossiping about everyone in their branch. I know it may not matter, but if I had money there, I'd consider taking it out. The least they should do is take their badges off.


delmer said...

I was having lunch on the patio of a place the other day with my gf. The place was rather full and everybody was having conversations -- most of which we, happily, couldn't hear. The lady behind us, however, was super loud. She was loud when she talked to her table companions (who all had normal-tone voices, so the woman seemingly didn't have any trouble hearing) and then she was loud on the phone.

Some people need to work on their quiet voices.

endangered coffee said...

But I'm sure they were IMPORTANT dammit.