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June 28, 2009

Why is Ann Coulter Popular?

I made it through disc one of ELEVEN before returning my library selection. Here's an excerpt from the knobby-kneed, black party dress-wearing tart:

-liberals aren't religious
-Ann ponders, if people were born gay, why hasn't Darwinism weeded out people who don't reproduce? She's profound.
-why aren't we teaching kids safe littering?
-liberals swoon in pagan admiration of mother earth (?)
-liberals follow "druidical" beliefs - awesome new word!
-liberals hate science
-liberals would sooner trust the stewardship of the earth to Shetland ponies and dung beatles than God (says so in the bible)
-unborn children are valued lower than vegetation
-libs are obsessed about flushing toilets (guilty)
-libs are obsessed with Hollywood stars (guilty again)
-libs are preposterously obsessed with youth and wants to kill people when they're old
-libs defend anything hateful
-we must save Tookie and slaughter babies
-libs love the lousewort
-schools teach the Playboy philosophy
and on

The book is a series of statements like these, some with a bit of explanation.

I kind of figured it'd be something like this, but the reason I listened is my fascination of what makes something popular. Popularity to me is synonymous with traffic - web traffic. It is and will likely be a preoccupation of mine until I die.

Back to Ann, the author of the New York Times and Amazon bestseller. Why is she popular?????? There are so many millions of loser conservative and liberal bloggers ranting just as uselessly with no popularity?

I think she blabs this stuff in public as a performance art of sorts to make a good living, but that still begs the question.

I'm going to go and follow her on Twitter to try to figure this out.


Not Important said...


You work on that, and I'll work on why people obsess over celebrities.

Unknown said...

Apparently we come in to this world with some wired in traits. We then are affected as we grow.

Somewhere along the way one can find himself/herself somewhere on Maslow's pyramid.

Then Hungry,Angry, Lonely,Tired comes in to the equation.

Where does Ann coulter come from? Why does she perform as she does? Why do some adore her and others despise her?

? A 74 year old observer (finally) of life.

Ok, ok she does piss me off. So sue me. :)