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August 3, 2009

Biking from downtown Amsterdam to the Artis. Scary at first, but fun!

The Dutch guy snapping the shot must've used a special feature on the camera to make me appear 3 months pregnant. Those Dutch are crafty.

I was fascinated with the bike culture in Amsterdam long before I visited and now I'm obsessed. I was a tad anxious about it because automobiles, trams, scooters, pedicabs, bikes and pedestrians have very specific rules and interrelationships. But, tourists rent bikes all the time, so I figured I'd take a shot. I read the rules quickly, watched a vid at the rental place, picked a bike with a kid seat (the kid seats are not just an attachment, but are built on as a sturdy part of the frame).

Incidentally, I estimate the Dutch (and tourists) walk at least 10 miles a day. What I sometimes forget is Frankie is 6. Almost a big girl, but still unable to walk that much yet; an alternative transportation became necessary and the bike was not just a fun diversion.

The inner city is intimidating; too much for me at this point. We went a few miles outside the city to the Artis. Artis is Dutch for "really, really, exorbitantly-expensive day watching wild animals in captivity for tourist's viewing pleasure." We Americans call it a zoo. I was wobbly at first, then we were off like NASCAR drivers: left, left, left, left, left... Then I got my confidence up to go past the city block we were on an made it to the zoo and a park. Scroll down for a few more pics.

more Amsterdam
Let's just say he wasn't grunting (loudly) because he was in pain; always a zoo crowd pleaser. Even the Dutch smiled.

more Amsterdam
Not all cafes in the middle of the city. Very cool treehouse and ducks in a local park.

more Amsterdam
The kid seat is bolted to a rack and to the frame at 3 places. This is more secure than any kid seat on a bike I've ever seen. Frankie's 40 lbs, not a wobble back there.


Auntie Denise said...

We are loving these pictures. Ma, Joe, Donna and I were all sitting in front of the computer Sunday at Joe and Donna's house looking at the pictures. Awesome. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

Dave said...

Hi Denise, Thanks for showing them all the pics. That's great. It's been fun. We're resting and laying low today.